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Junior VW

Junior has written his own book and his company ‘Little Blue Campervan Publishing’ have just released it!
Junior brings to life the wonders of outdoor adventure with his action packed escapades and many fun filled stories for children and like minded adults to enjoy.  As they travel around the country together, they will be collecting fun memories of their times to share with you in a series of books.  In his first book, we encounter Junior as a sad, neglected campervan who dreams about having excitement in his life, meeting new people and discovering new places.  His story unfolds into an exciting adventure where he unexpectedly becomes a hero and meets his new family for the first time.
Junior loves travelling around meeting new people and discovering new places because everything fascinates him. He is inexperienced and often makes mistakes through his mis-adventures.  However with the help of his family and friends he usually manages to pull himself out of it and sometimes even saves the day.  He loves everyone and everyone loves him.
Met up with these guys at Dubaid and fell in love with the Junior books. If you have kids, don't miss this, they will love it!!
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