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We work a little differently to other "web factors", we look at the parts we supply from a mechanics perspective, we think a little differently about parts as we don't want to do a job twice because something has failed.

What a lot of people don't realise is that modern car factories are little more than assembly plants, most of the components are bought in from other companies and simply fitted at the assembly plant and not made there. For example, a T3 will have Energit brake lining, FTE brake cylinders, brake drums from Bendix, shock absorbers from Sachs. These are called O.E (Original Equipment) suppliers.

When we are sourcing parts we aim for the OE, the stuff that was on your van when it was new and often you will find that the people that made the part for VW also sold the same part on the aftermarket. Brilliant.

So, if we can that's what we try to do, obviously they are old vehicles and this isn't always possible so we have to find an alternative, when we do find an alternative we aim for the highest quality possible. We buy on quality, not price. We want to sell parts and never see them again!

This may seem a little strange to the salesmen amongst you, that's fine but remember when you’re comparing what we sell to what our competitors sell that you are comparing the EXACT same part.

The parts we sell are what we use in the workshop, if we wouldn't fit it to our own vans, we wouldn't sell it, simple.

A full range of garage services are available:

  • Servicing
  • Repairs
  • Modifications
  • Electrical
  • Wheel alignment
  • Audio and security
  • Door locks matched to keys

MOT's, although not carried out here they can be arranged and carried out locally.

Please note that the garage is generally quite busy and lead time of 4 weeks can be expected, a wait of up to 8 weeks is not unusual in the late summer months.

If you are considering work to be carried out at the garage please book in good time.

Unlike most VW specialists I aim to get your vehicle back by the end of the day you book it in for except, obviously if the work will take longer than one day or parts are not available.

Most common parts for T3's are stocked and are on the shelf. I also have regular deliveries from GSF, EuroCarParts, VW and other local motor factors so if the part is not on the shelf there's a good chance I will have it within the day.

Because we work on these vehicles day in day out we are fully aware of common problems, because of this you can save money because 9 times out of 10 we can go straight to the problem saving you money on time spent diagnosing problems.

All parts used in the garage are charged out at similar/the same prices as you would expect to pay at GSF/EuroCarParts/JustKampers where ever possible (99% of the time).

NOTE FROM THE JESTER *** These guys not only have an online parts store....they have a garage too!

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