Weird & wonderful Dub Stuff!

Submitted by The Jester on Wed, 15/02/2012 - 13:27


I wonder if this is where the idea for a double decker bus came from!?

Can’t help but sulk at the utter waste of a darn good splitty. These days that would be one hell of an expensive advertising stunt.

Can you imagine the roll on that thing whilst driving...........Bet it tipped over!


Click on the heading above to see all the weirdness!


I am thinking that this takes the "just make it fit" mentality a weeee bit too far!

The biggest problem I have had as a Wizard owner has been fitting an air filter. Even the smallest pancake on the market will not squeeze in there, on top of the carb. Maybe I should take a leaf out of this dubbers book!

I do believe that the longer pipe is actually the exhaust...... redifining the term tail pipe!

Anyone like to hazard a guess at the third hole.... I am pretty stumped!





I can't help wondering if there is anyone out there who would take this beauty on as a resto project?

I've spotted this pic hanging about all over the place, but have sadly been unable to get a location...... feel free to leave a comment below if you know where to find this treasure.

Come on, scrape the moss off, a new bumper and jobs a good'un!









It doesn't matter how many times I look at this, I am utterly speechless.

Why on earth would anyone want to put a bug on rails?


Comments and ideas more than welcome.... when you have stopped laughing that is.






There seems to be no limit whan it comes to turning VW's into garden furniture!!...... not the kind of stuff you will find in your average B&Q.