VW Drag Racing Club

Welcome to the online home of the UK's biggest and best Volkswagen Drag Racing Club, also the biggest one-make drag racing club in the WORLD!

The VWDRC is an MSA affiliated drag racing club which uses the 'bracket' method of racing. Basically the competitor makes a series of practise passes. He or she then decides the average time it has taken to drive down the 1/4 mile and uses this figure as a 'dial-in' time. This figure can be adjusted within class rules as the meeting progresses. With two competitors ready to do battle these 'dial-in times' are displayed on the car (usually with shoe whitener on a window). As the cars come to the famous 'Christmas Tree' (traffic light starting device) the timekeeper enters these times into the computer. A staggered start is thus produced. The slower car leaves first and if both drivers run their perfect 'dial-in time' they will cross the line in a dead heat. But of course this never happens. A driver may react slowly to their green light or may fluff a gear change. They may have even lost engine power. So it is the driver who can most consistently run to their dial-in that wins the day, without running too fast (breaking out, going faster than their dial in) or leaving the start line before their green light (red light, cherry, early bath!).

Sportsman drag racing is about consistency, set up, and most importantly driver skill. It has nothing to do with overflowing budgets and thousands of horsepower. This is why near stock production cars often take home the trophies. The drivers know their cars inside and out.