Dunstable Dubbers

The Dunstable Dubbers were originally part of Herts VW, one of the longest running VW clubs in the UK. A few hardcore members wanted desparately to be able to meet up more than once every month, hence the birth of the Dunstable Dubbers!

If it is an active club that you are looking to join, then this is the club for you. With over 700 active members on facebook, anyone is welcome to join. No matter what you are cruising, a deep love of VW's is all that you need.

The club is currently organising a secret Dub Show (details of which can be found on Facebook), along with many of the shows listed on the aircooledfools events calendar. Why not join the Dubbers at Big Bang this year. They are always the first club through the gate, and have their very own roped off section in the middle of the action. They will be cruising in themed costumes for this years Big Bang........ the theme being HIPPY HEAVEN. So dig out the flares, platforms and flowers and get in touch with the Dunstable Dubbers to get the party started!

Michelle Edwards
mitsedwards [at] aol [dot] com