Dorset Dub Club

The idea is simple...

A local (Dorset based) family orientated, fun and relaxed VDUB club.  

Why?  Back in 2010 two families purchased their first V-DUBS and didn't know that their lives had changed...forever!  

 Their very different DUBS (Dexter & Ruby) 'bumped' into each other at various VW events across the south in their first year and by the end of the 2011 season they, like many they spoke to were conscious of a large 'gap' in the VW club 'scene' in our local area.  Having covered virtually every show between Cornwall, Devon, Bristol, S. Wales, Malvern and across to West Sussex only isolated Dorset flags were spotted... never in little huddles...never around a group BBQ.  We were even invited to join Wiltshire on more than one occasion! (Thanks Rob!) but this only made us want our Dorset flag to fly even higher! So, no use in sulking about it... we just made our own club!


dubclubdorset [at] gmail [dot] com