Aug 01

WHY no blog?.......summer HELL!

Submitted by The Jester on Wed, 01/08/2012 - 14:11

You have probably noticed my recent in-activity here in the blogging section.....

This is due to the rather unbelievable, weather related nonsense that we have seen since the show season began! Sadly, the ACF wizard has only managed to get to four shows this year, and we have watched in horror as the VW scene has been turned into nothing more than a bog!


It seems that this years "must have" piece of camping gear has proven to be snorkle and flippers. I have been struggling with the events calendar, in the vain hope of keeping up with all of the show cancellations and re-schedules. My sympathy goes out to all of the organisers, who work so hard to make these events happen, up and down the UK. We all appreciate how difficult this must be for you guys!


My most memorable moments from show season 2012 so far have been the events and Santa Pod. It all started with BIG BANG, or BOG BANG, as it is now known. If you were there, good on you!! It took courage and determination to brave that kind of weather, and survive the carnage seen on the Sunday, with tents and awnings in tatters!













BUG JAM started off in a similar vain, with the rain pouring down on the Friday, turning the club camping area into sticky brown slush. Luckily BOG JAM was avoided, as we saw some of the best weather of the entire season on the Saturday and Sunday. My sympathies go out to those of you whoes dubs sank in the mud of Friday, only to find themselve welded into the dried mud by Sunday!!

One thing this season has proved is that Dubbers are a dedicated bunch. If it continues like this, don't forget your bikini and sunscreen for Ockoberfest!!