Dec 13

VW Action at the Pod

Submitted by The Jester on Tue, 13/12/2011 - 11:21

Thought of by some as Bug Jam’s baby brother, despite being the older of the 2 shows, VW Action this year did not fail to disappoint. Unlike Bug Jam back in July, VW Action seems to attract less of the non-VW crowd, making for a more intimate weekend show. Not that I have anything against the non dubbers, as we all know that a VW of any kind has a nasty habit of exploding just as you have packed the tent and wellies! Due to a hold up (of over 12 long, dubbless months), on the resto of Logan, the Aircooledfools wizard  I have been forced into attending shows up and down the UK in a nasty violet mondeo........ not exactly the best way to promote Aircooledfools to the masses! It has been kinda like playing paintball with a spud gun!


Maybe that is why VW Action turned out to be my favourite show of summer, as Logan finally managed to escape from Somerset and make a long awaited appearance. It was touch and go, as he only just scrapped through his MOT on the Thursday, causing a 4.55pm mad dash in my PJ’s to the post office for that all important tax disk! It’s hard to believe that he was still being welded on the Friday, over 140 miles away from Santa Pod...... I’m still not sure how we ever made it.

He was forced to arrive minus a windscreen however, due to being chopped..... apparently it’s very difficult to find someone to make and fit a chopped screen these days, be warned!


Me and Logan were part of the 89 – 90 car display in the marquee....... thank the lord, as the weather turned unbelievably nasty on the Sunday. As the heavens opened, the London and Thames VW Club auctioned off the beetle that they have been selling raffle tickets for all summer. They managed to raise over £10,000!

Everyone pulled out the stops for the pirates and ninja’s theme this year. Some clubs even turned up with their very own pirate ships! VW Action 2011 was a dream come true for all the lady dubbers, with Jack Sparrow look alikes around every corne r...... not to mention t he odd storm trooper or  t wo.

With a funfair and live en tertainment in the marquee, there was plenty to do for everyone.


The drag strip ran all day and into the night, with spot lit night racing and “run what you brung”. The highlight for me was watching a soaped up Subaru get totally trashed by the legendary Blackcurrent 3. The driver later posted on facebook that his beloved Scooby now has a complex, and backfires everytime it spots the back end of a beetle!