Apr 08

Subscription costs "Whats that all about then??"

Submitted by The Jester on Fri, 08/04/2011 - 20:01

I've had a few questions regarding the free subscription for the first year. "Whats that all about then?" I hear you cry. Well the answer is simple. Every supplier invited to list with aircooledfools gets their first 12 months free.

"So what's the catch??" Basically, there isn't one. ACF was set up to support all aircooled friendly suppliers.  If you do not feel that Aircooledfools is working for you after the 12 month free period, then no worries. We ask for NO MONEY during the first 12 months. Smaller suppliers and garages have been finding it a bit of a struggle, and the word of mouth system just isn't enough. Here is a wee example:

I am due to sign up for a banner advert, which will cost me £30 for 1 year. The advert will not be fixed, but will show up when the user has hit 6 pages on this particular site. So basically ACF is advertised every 6th hit, for one year. Advertising is pricey stuff!

Aircooledfools is a little different. After the first year, an advert of ACF will be like a magazine subscription....... £5 per month, or £50 per year, thats it! If you are an Internet based supplier, you can pay an additional £15 per year to be listed in every area of the index (you must have an e-shop or the ability to take online orders). So what do you get for your hard earned pennies??

  • An advert on the UK's supplier index
  • Direct service requests through the site (we do not charge you per lead, like some others)
  • Link to your website (Unlike other sites, we do not charge for hits on your website)
  • Me and the team handing out flyers at shows up and down the UK
  • This extremely complicated,  secure, super cool ad free website (which has the capacity to get VERY big)
  • Logan the custom wizard, attracting attention to ACF where ever he goes

I will be funding this marketing and set up period for the first year, to ensure the success of ACF. Without parts suppliers and mechanics, many aircooled owners would be off the road, including me!

Once the subscription begins I will be using this to fund bigger advertising for aircooledfools.com........ MORE flyers, MORE staff in funky fleeces, MORE show fun and frolics. Not to mention magazine ads and internet marketing. Basically all the stuff that is hard for the small business to achieve alone. We have big plans for the future......... £50 per year is less than 1/2 a pint a week. NOW THATS what we call a bargain Money mouth