May 18

Moooooooo........ Dubs at the Farm!

Submitted by The Jester on Wed, 18/05/2011 - 14:51

When we headed out on Friday 29th April, we could not have known that Dubs at the farm was about to turn into the most eventful weekend of the season so far!

On route to show, the splitty began to expire. A most interesting experience, as you can literally feel it getting worse and worse with every hill. The road into Wooferton was a spectacular country road, with views of the surrounding farm lands on either side. The bus rocked and rolled up and down hills, until it finally juddered to a standstill, directly outside a small village pub....... guess it could smell the beer!

It is amazing how much attention a splitty can muster........... even a dead one!! With the help of a few, slightly wobbly locals, we managed another few miles before coming to rest in completely the wrong place! The postcode on the Dubs at the farm website took us straight up the driveway to a retirement home......... rather appropriate since the bus was most definatley past its best at that point. Lucky for us that other aircooledfools had followed the same postcode. We were kindly towed the hell out of there. We arrived to show doing the most amazing impression of a lowered caravan!! The whole episode just goes to prove the theory that a VW comes with a boot full of friends. Big thanks to the guys who towed us. Obviously they had never towed before, top job!

Sadly, I have to mention the low turnout......... I must stress that this was probably due to Stanford Hall being on the same weekend, and the fact that you can now camp out and Stanford probably didn't help matters. I do hope that the organisers for Dubs at the Farm will not be put off by this for next year. The facilities and the location were perfect. A great deal of effort was apparent in every area of the show. The live music was fantastic!! Hopefully they will have a re-think on the date for next year. Seriously........ don't miss this show, it was a great weekend.

There were plenty of daytime activities, such as welly wanging, which turned out to be the best use of such silly footwear!

There was also a graffiti artist onsite. He was offering some seriously custom paintwork, right there and then. Quite possibly the most crazy thing I have ever seen at shows.

As luck would have it, we were able to grab the bits we needed in the auto jumble. With a bit of a bodge job, and a fair bit of help from the show staff, we managed to chug off to Stanford Hall on the Sunday.