Oct 03

Logan is smashed!

Submitted by The Jester on Wed, 03/10/2012 - 14:53

Well, I have certainly been a wee bit quiet of late, and for damn good reason. Just 3 days before putting Logan on show in the 'Back to 89' display at the legendary Bugjam..........some ditzy dolly daydream smashed into the back of Logan, while he was static on the handbrake at traffic lights!!


She was laughing while she assured me that there was no harm done........obviously blind as well as stupid! Is there such a thing as justifiable homicide I ask myself, as I sit back and watch 4 years of hard work, blood sweat and tears pour down the drain. I cannot even count the amount of £ that has been spent on what seems like an endless resto.........and there is another story, maybe next time.


So, what have I learned?.........believe me, you need to take notes!

EVEN if the accident is a straight forward, no fault accident and you did nothing wrong WHAT-SO-EVER....... the repairs will ONLY go up to the value of your vehicle. Run of the mill, go faster stripe crappy mondeos for example have a set book price......I guarantee  that your beloved VW does NOT! If you have not already done so, get an agreed valuation.......do it NOW. The paint job on Logan cost in excess of £6000 and I have had to prove every last penny. Thank god the garage who restored my baby gave me an invoice!

DO NOT THINK that, just because you are insured with Volksworld insurance, they will "understand". They are just a front office for the company who is actually insuring you, and the middle man who deals with the accident claims is an absolute delight. Bring into the picture the awesome (note the sarcasm!) AI solutions. They will call you to tell you the same thing every single day, with NO REGARD for your working hours (2 months of this has given me a nervous twitch). They have NO CLUE what is involved with custom or modified vehicles. They will try to get you to go to a garage of their choice, as they believe that every muppet with a spray gun can match a custom House of Kolor paint job as easily as fitting a new bumper to a skoda!They will have no clue who you are when you call, as there are millions of them. Nothing more than an office of telephone operators! I was actually asked why I believed that my engine may be damaged and told that, had I gone to their garage, it would have been fixed in a day?


Take photos at the scene, lots and lots of photos.


So, as the damp squid of a show season comes to an end, he has missed most of it by being off the road ever since the smash, while the legendary Paintbox try hard to match his one off paint job. (if they cannot do it, no one can!) dealing with the guys at the Paintbox has been an absolute joy. They are 100% on the ball in every area of their business. I honestly cannot recommend them enough. It is no great surprise that they appeared in the top 10 best suppliers of all time list in the 25th year anniversary Volksworld mag. If you want a pro paint job and excellent customer service.......not to mention a great cuppa......look no further!