Feb 18

Logan the Beetle is in Resto

Submitted by The Jester on Fri, 18/02/2011 - 00:55


This blog was written on our test site, 2010!

And so it begins.......

Somewhere in deepest, darkest Somerset...... amoungst the cows, you will find SC Performance. In this garage, the lights will still be burning late into the night, with sounds of sparks, mutterings about tea and the occasional swear word.

This is a place where mechanics never sleep. They shuffle endlessly across the spotless garage floor, in search of spanners and the bosses beloved tea mug.

I did say the "spotless floor".......

There, in the centre of the garage, floating in a pool of mukky black engine oil lies Logan. He is a mere shell of his former self, as he lies naked and stripped bare of his wings. Parts litter the oily floor and strips of masking tape flutter on his panels. Inscribed on the tape are orders from the Beetle yoda..... "chop here, cut there, remove this" Logan has entered the first phase of full resto. Plans are being hatched to transform his sorry ass into something mindblowing. Hours of work are ahead for the small, grubby team. Parts have been ordered, bits designed and planned in the beetle yoda's head. The only thing the Yoda cannot do is operate the kettle!

The jester is at work........ the jester HAS to be at work! Every day she creeps closer and closer to the finish line. Hours are being counted, pay days are passing. Jobs have been won and lost over the last 2 months, causing endless sleepless nights and much nail biting.

But by hell or high water, the resto MUST go on....................................