Feb 14

Everything is coming together

Submitted by The Jester on Mon, 14/02/2011 - 00:38

Well, it has taken nearly a full year to get here, but aircooledfools.com went live for testing this very evening. The site is looking better by the day, and all systems appear to be working as they should. I have been busy gathering endless data, and designing the fliers and stationary. T-shirts and fleeces are on order, and the beloved VW is nearly ready for paint.

I cannot possibly pass by this day without saying a HUGE thank you to our site programmer, Mr Neil "Geek Speak" Barry. What an absolutely awesome result, and hopefully a mildly painless process ;)

Of course, we thank SC Performance. The mad bunch who have been lovingly (yeah right) restoring my Bug for the last 10 months........ I know you have chucked bits of him about Mr Clark ;)

During this set up period, we have all experienced the following:

  • 2 house moves
  • 3 changes in employment
  • 1 broken hand
  • 1 sliced finger
  • 3 car mechanic apprentices
  • 4 sets of wheels that don't fit
  • 1 dash to the hospital
  • 1 body kit NOT attached to the engine
  • 1 burst water main
  • Custom paint stranded in the US due to blizzard
  • 2 car accidents
  • 1 five day party
  • 1 bout of chicken pox
  • a hideous car stereo
  • 1 theft of a mondeo (by me)
  • and very little sleep for the entire team

We do all hope you enjoy the aircooled experience lol

...................... cause if we are honest, we did ;)