May 18

Cruise to the Prom - What a fantastic day by the sea :)

Submitted by The Jester on Wed, 18/05/2011 - 13:25

Sunday 17th April.......What a day!

After leaving Bus Types early, due to a huge bout of the flu, the team awoke early on Sunday morning ready to cruise down to Weston-Super-Mare. The Cruise to the Prom could not have planned such a fantastic day. The sun was blaring as we chugged down the M5.

As we drove into Somerset, we were met by marshalls on Lambretta's, guiding our way to the prom. We slipped into a convoy of aircooled and headed towards the sea. A staggering 800 vehicles lined the seafront.

Everyone was having a ball, with ice-creams and BBQ's at the ready. The show was well organised and the atmosphere in the crowd was great. Even with our tissues at the ready, we had a ball!

The cruise itself was to raise money for 2 charities, using the full £5 entry fee per vehicle. The show raised well over £2000.

If you didn't make it to CCTP this summer......... keep your eyes fixed firmly on the events calendar for next year. This show, shine and cruise is a NOT to be missed experience.