May 04

Bus Types

Submitted by The Jester on Wed, 04/05/2011 - 10:39


It was with much excitment that the ACF crew packed up the ratty splitty for Bus Types on the 15th April. This show was to be the first outing for the much awaited flyers, that frazzled our brains in the design process. We were not to be disappointed. The show ground was packed and the atmosphere was fantastic.

Logan, the wizard was sadly not present. He is still causing problems on the garage floor. The usual story..... parts not fitting, or being difficult to track down. Despite this, we managed to have a fantastic weekend, meeting and chatting to new faces. The show was well organised, with ample entertainment in the site building, which took us away from the night time cold. The track suit themed party on the Saturday evening was genius and everyone seemed to get into the spirit.

The team was struck down on the Saturday........ the dreaded flu! Snuffling and spluttering (us not the van) we decided to head off, with the intention of making it to Weston for Cruise to the Prom.

The feedback for aircooledfools has been amazing so far. Obviously, we only launched on the 1st April. The site is a new concept, and still at the building stage. Bus types allowed us to hear what users to the site think, which was invaluable.