Sep 10

Bug Jam 25..... the one and only!

Submitted by The Jester on Sat, 10/09/2011 - 09:18

Way back in July 87, Bug jam began on a sunny Sunday afternoon...... The 2 VW enthusiasts who started it all were utterly gobsmacked when over 3,500 people showed up at Santa Pod waving glo-sticks and blowing whistles!

Bug jam is now officially the largest VW festival in Europe, attracting dubber's from as far away as Belgium and Germany. Celebrating a quarter century this summer, we feel it is appropriate to tip our hat to Brett and Cliff, who started it all way back when.

Little is known about Cliff, but Brett Hawksbee has gone on to be involved in the infamous 8 Ball Diner down in Essex. A MUST visit venue for any petrolhead. He is a real power house in the VW scene, having literally wrote the book on Bugjam, and organising countless events up and down the UK. He was also the first "lucky bugger" to own an AC Cobra Replica here in the UK.

The 8 Ball diner is certainly on the aircooledfools "not to be missed" list, and the Jester has already asked Santa for Brett's book for xmas!! Come on Amazon..... get it back in stock!!



The weekend rocked, with acts such as The Wonderstuff, The Farm and D:Ream. With cream Anthems Tour in the dance tent, and Funk/scar parties...... there was truely something for everyone! Santa Pod seems to know exactly the right mix, year after year.

Not only is the evening entertainment second to none, there is also events throughout the day on the drag strip. This includes "Run What you Brung", allowing Joe Bloggs to give it a go! The Jester refrained once again, as the aircooledfools Wizard currently makes a top speed slower than a tortoise chasing a cabbage!


They did, however let themselves down dramatically this year, by allowing way too many "none ticket holders" in the door on the Friday. This mix up cause 3 hour tailbacks on the Friday evening, as the police were forced to check every car on entry to make sure they held a valid ticket. But the real problem came on the Saturday, as the gates to Santa Pod were forced to close, which meant that actual ticket holders were turned away on the Saturday!!

Of course, all tickets were refunded..... but was this enough? I know of at least 3 ticket holders who had travelled from as far away as Belgium, Germany and Malta. Fingers crossed they get it together for next summer, as Santa Pod is without a doubt one of the BEST UK venues. Lets hope that dubbers aren't put off, by a rather nasy experience this summer!