Apr 08

The Flyers are here!!!

Submitted by The Jester on Fri, 08/04/2011 - 11:18

As the show season starts to kick in, with the arrival of the sunshine....... its time to advertise aircooledfools to the masses.

Mar 23

DUB AID 2011 - Castle Coombe Circuit

Submitted by The Jester on Wed, 23/03/2011 - 15:54

Friday 18th March saw me packing the car for my first show of the season...........

Mar 02

Busy times................

Submitted by The Jester on Wed, 02/03/2011 - 15:07

You find the Jester hard at work. Aircooledfools.com has been in the testing stage for over 1 week now. Amazingly, we have experienced only 3 little glitches and bugs in the system. I would like to say a HUGE thanks to everyone who has been working hard to try to break the system this last week!

Confidently, I am now moving into the next stage........ contacting the suppliers. So far, the feedback has been fantastic. Yes guys, we really are offering free subscription for the first year..... no REALLY lol.

Feb 18

Logan the Beetle is in Resto

Submitted by The Jester on Fri, 18/02/2011 - 00:55


This blog was written on our test site, 2010!

And so it begins.......

Somewhere in deepest, darkest Somerset...... amoungst the cows, you will find SC Performance. In this garage, the lights will still be burning late into the night, with sounds of sparks, mutterings about tea and the occasional swear word.

This is a place where mechanics never sleep. They shuffle endlessly across the spotless garage floor, in search of spanners and the bosses beloved tea mug.

I did say the "spotless floor".......

Feb 14

Everything is coming together

Submitted by The Jester on Mon, 14/02/2011 - 00:38

Well, it has taken nearly a full year to get here, but aircooledfools.com went live for testing this very evening. The site is looking better by the day, and all systems appear to be working as they should. I have been busy gathering endless data, and designing the fliers and stationary. T-shirts and fleeces are on order, and the beloved VW is nearly ready for paint.

Mar 29

The sound of silence......

Submitted by The Jester on Mon, 29/03/2010 - 06:27

Today you find me in deep, dark shropshire. To complete the aircooled index, I have landed myself in the placement from hell.......

Usually I count the weeks on placement...... now I am counting the hours, and each day feels like climbing Everest. It will be worth it, I tell myself over and over.

Mar 12

Knee deep in data

Submitted by The Jester on Fri, 12/03/2010 - 14:52

The Jester is feeling the strain today. Endless data entry hours have left her eyes boggled and brain quite frazzled. These are the tough months..... BUT, the more background work done now, the better chance we have to launch a fully comprehensive index.