About Us - The Aircooledfools Story

The Jester has always been an aircooledfool. Cruising VW's is probably the most fun you can have, but there is a down side.......

When things go bang, which they very often do, it can be hard to find the parts or help that you need. The aircooled community is full of garage/mechanic horror stories. Most mechanics are clueless when not presented with a USB socket. OR they just fleece you for a pretty penny, possibly as revenge for having to work on your badly behaved little darling.

Then there is that endless, frustrating, expensive parts search. I am sure you have all been there. 9 times out of 10, the part you end up with doesn't fit and off you go again.

However, there are some V.I.P.'s out there. Across the UK there are aircooled friendly mechanics and parts specialists who will bend over backwards to help, being aircooledfools themselves. Sadly, a fair few have vanished and it is for this reason that aircooledfools.com has been launched. The VW word of mouth system is not enough to keep these heros in business, and where would we all be without them? So often we find them slaving away down a tiny back street. There was a garage 2 minutes walk from my home......... by the time I heard about him, he had closed!

This is not a social site. We exist to support the wonderful loonies that keep the UK's aircooledfools on the road. We are NOT ad supported and we NEVER sell or pass on anyones details. You need to register on site to contact our suppliers ONLY because we want to protect them from spam and endless viagra related nonsense! If you know of a supplier in your area, let us know by contacting the Jester below.